Lack of sleep for one is Comedy Central for another…

It has been one of *those* days.

And I don’t say so in a really negative manner. Actually, nothing bad has happened specifically. I have just suffered from a massive lack of sleep and a resulting lack of motivation. Maybe a hint of an oncoming mid-life crisis – yes, I’m closer to 40 than 30 now.

I literally could’ve stayed in bed the entire day, if I would’ve gone by how I feel. I’m doing my best to not go by that, but I wont tell you where I’m writing this from. ‘Scuse me while I fluff up my pillow…

Before you jump to conclusions, yes I did get up this morning, help get kids to school, acknowledge most people, had some great fellowships with church folks, had some good one-on-one with other church folks, get some work done, events scheduled, rehearsals planned, study time, good time with pastor, etc. etc. –

So call this post’s purpose as being one of “learn more about me so you can pray for me the next time you see my eyes glazed over.”

It is true . In the long journey of learning more about God, life, family, and myself, I’ve come to conclusions which I shall now put in pictoral form for you.


Me after a good 9 hours of sleep (yes, sue me, I do better with 9 than 8):








Me with 6 – 7 hours:








How other people see me when I’ve only had *this* much sleep (this = current amount, 4 or less hours):









What I feel like on the inside with that same amount of sleep:








What the above amount of sleep makes any task seem like – even maintaining attention span when talking to someone:






I was going to write about something that literally made by blood rise about 24 degrees last night, but I’ll save that for an upcoming day.

Now pardon me while I try to figure out how to get to the couch and spend time with some precious kiddos.  -Pastor Harvey


5 thoughts on “Lack of sleep for one is Comedy Central for another…

  1. Dee Pello says:

    I absolutely love your transparency. The picture of the guy upside down on the bench is priceless.
    God bless you for sharing yourself with others.We all have times like this, but dont share. Sharing helps others know they are not the only ones going thru something.
    God bless you and your family!

  2. Harvey Earls says:

    So true……and I still love you Harvey
    Hope your day is better tomorrow

  3. Harvey Earls says:

    Okay that last response was actually me..his wife not him 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Young says:

    LOL!! You are just way too funny!!

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