Hurricanes I’ve survived

With a weak tropical system lurking out in the gulf, I though I’d recount some of the notable storms I’ve been through! Since I’m a closet storm chaser/meteorologist and many folks chuckle at my passion for weather, it just reminds me how big and awesome God is and how creation can attest to Him. So rather than try to hide it, I’m going to embrace my inner weather nerd now.

So, my TOP 5!


Hurricane Frederic, 1979

Probably the most destructive of the hurricanes I’ve endured. I was 3 and our family evacuated to Montgomery. Our house was ok but the church Dad pastored was totally destroyed. Our house/church were at the center of this storm. We lived in Daphne, AL.



Hurricane Gloria, 1985

Even though I lived many years in L.A., we were in a church in Edenton, NC on the Albemarle sound from ’84 – ’87. During that time, this was one of several storms we had, but by far the worst. I remember staying in our church all night long and it was scary!



Hurricane Erin, 1995

This was the first of 2 storms that had a major impact on southern Alabama in 1995 – yes, 2 in one year! This one particularly was rough as I remember it even though it wasn’t particularly an intense hurricane – it just went pretty much right over our head. I lived in Bay Minette, AL.


Hurricane Opal, 1995

After Erin, everyone was pretty jumpy when Opal came around. They both ended up going into FL worse than where we were in AL (which by coincidence, I live in Ft Walton Beach now!). As I recall, the hurricane shelter was full in Bay Minette but it never got as bad as anticipated, and most folks did not stay overnight. It was still a real scary situation. We thought were were going to get a CAT 3 or 4 head on.



Hurricane Ike, 2008

We lived in Waynesville, Ohio.


This storm came way way way inland from the gulf, did something weird, and we ended up getting sustained CAT 1 winds in the MIDDLE of the midwest for several hours! We had widespread damage and lost power for the better part of a WEEK. That’s more than any other hurricane I’d ever been in except for Frederic.

We had to keep baby milk in the neighbor’s fridge because they had a generator.

The weirdest thing? It was sunny!

This video shows the SW Ohio impact from Ike :







2 thoughts on “Hurricanes I’ve survived

  1. Jim Cantore had hair! I was 8 months pregnant during Erin and had to get in the hot tub to keep from having Ian during the storm. They said the water would equalize the barometric pressure, and it worked. Thank you for sharing!

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