Princess Melea Part 2

I had a reason to go back and look at a few older posts – someone mentioned something they read in an older post, and I couldn’t remember writing it. So I scanned all of my old posts, and found one that I wrote about Melea when she was 4 years old (she just turned 6) – It is located here:

Princess Melea Part 1

I quoted a song from Point of Grace in that post. As I read it, I remembered I actually got to dance with Melea on this song recently and I had the presence of mind to do a little video for it. So, in case you haven’t seen it (this is old news for some of ya), check out one of the most rewarding moments a parent could ever have – just a daddy spending time with one of his lil girls!

Dancing with Melea


One thought on “Princess Melea Part 2

  1. Lopez's says:

    Bob and Marlene watched this! What a very special experience you both will always cherish. You have a beautiful family.

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