Rules to live by

This is from a friend, Richard – it was a project he did for his ethics class in college. I thought that folks might like to read someone else’s stuff besides mine for once 🙂


The Ten Rules of Life that I live By

      There are ten rules that I have lived by for most of my life. The reason that I say most of my life is because I developed them at certain times and points as was necessary. I shall attempt to explain them to you in reverse order leading all the way up to the number one rule.

Rule number 10:    Do your best – I always strive to do my best at anything that I undertake.


Rule Number 9:     Life is a wheel, what goes around comes around – when you do good things, good things happen to you and vice-versa.


Rule number 8:      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – always treat other people with respect and they may or may not do so to you but at least you did no wrong.


Rule number 7:      Do not covet or wish for other’s things – be happy and satisfied with what you have. Wanting things you can’t have will only make you discontent.


Rule number 6:      Maintain your integrity – always tell the truth because sooner or later you will get caught in your lie(s) and then no one will trust or believe you.


Rule number 5:      Love your family – always express love for your family, even those who have a tendency to get on your nerves or who may have wronged you. One of my sisters continually attempts to verbally spar with me or one up me. I have learned what she is doing and don’t rise (sink) to her level…it’s just not worth the effort or energy to do so and would just make others around us unhappy.


Rule number 4:      No matter what you say and/or do, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you – you can be nice to everyone you meet and there will be someone who thinks you have an ulterior motive for your kindness and not like you because of it.


Rule number 3:      Keep your faith – no matter what faith you have, stick to it unless you are presented with a better one. There are many denominations in Christianity and you should find the one that follows the Word of God completely telling the truth as God sees it, even in today’s society. If His Word says something is wrong then it is wrong.


Rule number 2:      Always Pray to God the Father – I feel so much more at peace after I pray that it is a natural thing for me to do.


And finally:


Rule number 1:      Leave everything to the Lord – He will provide you with what you need in His own timing so don’t worry about it. Maintain your faith and belief in Him. Finally, Trust in Him always.


      These are the ten rules that I currently live my life by. By believing in them and following them, especially 1, 2, & 3, I can say that I am extremely happy. There is a possibility that at some point later in life I may have to change one of them, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I hope that you may find something new to live by as well.


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