Lil piano music

I was practicing a song for Sunday, and figured, why not, I wonder what it will look like from this angle…



4 thoughts on “Lil piano music

  1. sue cox says:

    LOVE this!!!! could listen all day!! Was thinking Sunday, would love for you to make a CD of your piano and keyboard music!! I would buy one, or two or three… my own plus gifts!! Might be a way to make some Christmas money. 🙂

    • Harvey Earls says:

      Sometimes I wish I could. Unfortunately with copyright permissions and studio time and studio technicians and the costs of the CDs, artwork, photography, etc…an album is way beyond my abilities…in the music world, it’s all who you know, and I know no one (and don’t much desire to!)…haha! But I do have a few domain free songs on a homemade CD if you’re interested and it’d bless you that I can just give ya.

  2. Lopez's says:

    Marlene totally agrees with Sue Cox. It was fantastic. I get mesmerized watching your hands and the music transports me to the throne of GOD. Bob and just happen to know someone in the music world that might be interested. Bill Walker in Nashville, played for years for the Stadler brothers. You alway saw his little bald head from the back as he played the piano at the end of their TV program, which alas is no more. Bill has a recording studio in the basement of his home. Still don’t much desire to? That’s OK, we prefer to keep you!!

  3. Harvey Earls says:

    I appreciate it.

    I’d always talk to someone, but just not willing to enter the self-promotional, dog-eat-dog world of the music industry. If my music can ever be a blessing to someone, I’d of course be honored, but it seems when Christians whether in music or even in pastoral searches try to “sell themselves,” they end up taking credit that never belonged to them in the first place (To God be the Glory!)

    I really appreciate the kind words! Love you guys!

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