What to do about December?

Hebrews 11: 7 –By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. By this he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.

Do we have a faith that “condemns the world?” Do we even have a faith that is in such sharp contrast to the world around us, that it stands out like a light on a hilltop?

Lights aren’t meant to be hidden. Matthew 5:14-16:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

So why do we so often hide what we have? Why is it that we look so much like the world around us, that it is hard to draw a line of distinction between where the world ends and where our faith begins?

If this is difficult for those in full-time ministry sometimes, I can only imagine the greater challenge that a secular or military career would have in this area.

I’m challenging myself in December to live December differently this year. It seems every December, a new perspective is openly sought, making it sort of cliché in and of itself to “do it differently this year.” So I’m not really sure what December is going to hold, or how I’m going to do what I’m challenging myself to do. And that’s the point. I want to work on the “controlling me.” The “me” in charge of my day, my plans, my agendas, and my self. I want to feed that “me” a little less (ok, a lot less), during a month of the year in which that selfish “me” has the biggest appetite – and I’m not just talking about food here!

No matter the number of December’s lived through, family gatherings endured, or Christmas’ that have blended together, his mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3).

No plan, no agenda, and no self-help book to help me accomplish. Just eyes wide open. Follow Him. With every fiber of my being, seeking to keep the flame fanned.

This post was not well-thought out, nor deeply researched. But it is borne of a passion to fearfully pursue Him, and faithfully serve Him, and fearfully worship Him; a passion in which I hope you share with me!

So, think about it. Will you join me?


One thought on “What to do about December?

  1. Isabel Smith says:

    When I read about Noah I think to myself: Did Noah get constant confirmation and guidance from God about the situation? He had too! God must have been whispering in his ear, “Noah, this; Noah, that; and so on. Because I think to myself “HOW” could he undertake such a vast project with such determination and courage? Then I think to myself, “Do I have the COURAGE to CONDEMN THE WORLD?” And I really have to say that I love my world. I love my family and friends. I love the little house God provided for me to live in and the work God gave me a gift for doing with my hands. I love my house full of stuff that keeps me warm, feeds me, the tools I use in my work…. I love earth! The trees, the skies, the water, the birds (not squirrels)… Do I CONDEMN the world’s greed, outrageous sexual morales, the cruelty we perform to one another, YES, I sure do. And I always find a way to work God into my Facebook statements (I feel obligated, propelled, motivated, and challenged to do that, for instance: “Our current pres takes away more individual rights… a great opportunity to see God’s hand at work. Turn to God and see the wonder.” and stuff like that. Noah is an awesome bible personality.

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