Eating Crow – a Follow-up to the Facebook Post

I am going to eat crow a bit.

My blog post from the other day…

Why I am deleting facebook this month and what it means for you

…indicating that I was going to drop facebook instigated such a number of lines of communication with both old and new friends, that I felt pretty bad for making the post in the first place. People I haven’t spoken to in years made meaningful contact with me, and I was so overwhelmed (in a good way!). I also felt pretty guilty for not having made more effort to keep up with great friends myself. It reminded me that there are indeed some friendships which are so strong, they just don’t need as much maintenance, even after long periods of time. There are indeed people who can “pick up right where they left off” even after many years have passed. I am grateful for those people in my life!

After trimming down the friends list yet again, I am going to keep facebook just for the messaging/communication options alone, at least for the time being. I don’t want to cut off a potential way of staying in contact with those I care about (and vice versa). And far more of you use facebook private messages exclusively now I learned – more than email than I realized!

So yeah. I’m backtracking on that. So pray for me as I endure a round of “I told you so’s” from various protagonists, possibly including one that I am married to.

Trimming the friends will help me avoid some of the things I can’t stand about the site.

I still believe, as that video stated (see the end of this post), we should be careful to not collect friends like stamps, using facebook as a place for self-promotion instead of selfless interaction. I also still believe in regards to friendships – quality > quantity! So I guess, in summary, while I stand by the original context of the first post, that too many people I care about are using facebook as their primary means of communication for me to consider distancing myself from it right now. I’ll give it a few more years. I think we’ll all be leaving it before too many more years pass!

Thanks again for the great conversations this week. I haven’t even responded to them all yet!




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